Darlie Laundromatic

It’s pretty handy having good friends living in the city. It becomes infinitely convenient to have a cold beer while waiting for your appointment, parking becomes a non issue and it’s a kind comfort to know you have a place to sleep off the booze when you miss the last train home. For those not blessed with this golden goose of friendship you’ll at least always have Darlie Laundromatic. While they probably can’t offer you a soft spot to rest your head, they’ll certainly make you feel at home as you sip your $5 Tsing Tao tinnie in the courtyard and line your stomach with some fine morsels while you wait for the afternoon to pass.

Just a jig away from Shady Pines, the Darlie has been open since July and they’ve built up a quiet circle of friends: the teetering blue and green laundromat themed small bar attracts an easy going local crowd. We bump elbows and share friendly jibes with our neighbours whilst waiting for the other half of our party to arrive.

Raspberry and Ginger cordial with Vodka soda $7.50

The terrace bar is decorated as a kitschy style hangout, so what’s more quaint than home made cordial? We tried the raspberry with ginger and was surprised to find it had that lingering ginger warmth without being too sweet (although I would have welcomed a heavier hand with the vodka). They also offered pear & maple cordial which was a bit disappointing as it erred on the bland side.

Danish Dog: lightly toasted bun with remoulade, crunchy onions, pickled cucumber and relish  $4.50

The food menu includes bar snacks, salads and steak sandwiches but most people are here for the food item of 2011: hot dogs (mini ones no less just to up the hip factor). I opted for the Danish dog and tried my best to savour this cutie but it was difficult not to cram it down in one go.

Laundry Dog: lightly toasted bun with mustard, caramelised onion, cheese, grated dill pickles and harissa aioli $5

Agatha opted for the dog of the house, made all the more tasty with the addition of caramelised onions and slight burn from the Harissa. We both nodded with agreement: these were easily some of the best hot dogs we’ve had.

The tiny bar counter

At this point more people started floating in so we all wiggled along the communal table to make room for each other.

Cordial with soda $4

If you happen to be driving fear not, you can always try the cordial sans vodka. It’s an extra large serving of cordial arriving in a tall milkshake glass (of course).

Mini Laundry Burger: with mustard, caramelised onion, cheese, grated dill pickles and Harissa aioli $5 + Sour Apple cordial with Vodka soda $7.50

We flirted with the idea of ordering the rustic ploughmans platter or the BBQ pork & mango salad but settled on the mini burgers featured on the specials board. If the hot dogs were good these burgers were amazing: the mini patty deliciously juicy, we finished the sliders in record time with the residual kick of Harissa aioli lingering on our tongues.

Mini Cheese Burger $5

Since we’re running late for a gig, the four of us regretfully had to skip the prospect of some ice cream sandwiches and strawberries with cream. As we rush out the door another couple wandered in, holding the door for us whilst we fumbled with our jackets and handbags. Whoever said community was dead obviously just needed an afternoon with the laundry.

Three out of five

The Verdict
A perfect haunt for lazy evenings or a great pit stop to meetup with friends before a night out, you won’t have to feel out of place at this casual home away from home. The folks have also saved any need for deliberation before bringing your friends via providing options for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten intolerant alike. If you find yourself at the Laundromatic make sure you order a glass of the home made cordial with your hot dog sliders, we’d easily down a score of these again.

Darlie Laundromatic
a. 304 Palmer Street Darlinghurst
t. 8095 0129
e. darlielaundromatic(at)gmail.com
w. darlielaundromatic.com

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  1. Jamie said:

    Darlie is certainly like a home away from home. The staff are wonderful, the food is very tasty, and the Tsing Tao easy to drink. The addition of Coopers Pale Ale would be nice, but that aside, I’d recommend it to anyone.

    • Dee said:

      Thanks Jamie! Well I’m pretty happy with Sapporo & Peroni but Coopers wouldn’t go astray…but we can’t all be perfect can we 😉

  2. Love the look for your blog and the look of those burgers!!….will def have one next time I’m there! oh boy I’m hungry for a burger

    • Dee said:

      Ooo MissJay I love your stuff so thanks for popping by. Burgers are a “special” item but hopefully they’ll come back, they were seriously too good.

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