Coming soon // January ’12

Happy 2012 folks, another year of feasting (and broken resolutions) lie ahead. If you’re looking for a few spots to while away your Summer break maybe check out a few of these shiny new places and I’ll meet your derrier there!

Recently(ish) opened is Baxter Inn a new venture from the boys at Shady Pines. It’s just a cool underground bar dressed up in American boxing memorabilia with a ginormous collection of whiskeys (300+) and free pretzels to boot.

Another themed dark drinking hole from the fine Pines family is Tio’s Cervecera: opened by a couple of their ex bartenders. It’s a Guatemalan beer and tequila joint which serves up free popcorn: please go if you like your drinks salted and limed…so that’s 90% of you I’d say.

Speaking of fantastic pedigree the boys from Bourke Street Bakery have opened a local that’s all about cheap and tasty fare. Nothing at Wilbur’s Place is over $20 and the thought of duck pate, beef ragu, porchetta rolls and home made pie is already making me hungry ok got. To. Stop. Talking. About. This. Place.

Fans of Nadine Ingram (former pastry chef of MG Garage) are going to be happy that Flour and Stone has finally opened! Tarts, sandwiches, cakes and ginger bread shaped unicorns and pirate ships are all going to be meeting my friend Stomach soon.

Other super worthy mentions are: the Roosevelt which will hopefully open soon in Potts Point (pretty sure anything by the guys at Eau de Vie will be an amazing success especially since it’s going to be Mad Men cool); The Little Guy and Mr Falcon Bar are two new watering holes for some lucky Glebe locals; Glebe-ians are also to welcome a whole stash of new cafes including the new Madame Frou Frou who’s special enough to be stocking some uber tasty Black Star Pastry ginger ninjas; the sadly out of a job Beer Baron has now turned to providing alcohol to you at his own premises, the Dock in Redfern and in case Surry Hills was somehow short of their 1 cafe per capita goal I’m sure they’ll reach it soon with the opening of Reuben Hills today, a cafe and bean roaster which serves coffee with a capital C.

See you there.

  1. happy new year! wilbur’s place sounds fab can’t wait to see a post!

    • Dee said:

      Aw Happy Twenty Twelve Suze! How did you know I was going :O

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