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It’s been a frenetic two months, I went on holiday, started a new job, ate a LOT and my post backlog seems to be multiplying faster than a petri-dish of bacteria. So in the name of efficiency we’ll review this list style.

+ After the year long buzz, the guys from LL Wine & Line have finally opened their new Bondi venture: PaperPlanes. It’s an upbeat modern Japanese bar/restaurant with a lot of buzz.
+ A bunch of big names decided to open a small Local Bar
+ If small is just too big, how about downright tiny? The Midnight Special in Newtown only fits 50 people but once you’re in it’s a vinyl spinning hot dog chomping jamboree
+ The glamorous albeit slightly lonesome scene at Walsh Bay has perked up with the opening of The Bar at the End of the Wharf. It’s a bit of a mouthful but at least I’ve got somewhere to go before/after a play besides hanging outside Cafe Sopra with nose pressed to the window, hoping for a table. In the kitchen is Sharon Timms (ex. Assiette & Four in Hand) so I’m expecting delicious things.
+ Another week another speakeasy, Palmer and Co fall under the Hemmes umbrella and it’s decked out 1920’s prohibition America style. Rum, gin, tequila is served with your mac’n’cheese or meatballs.
+ If you loved Stitch then methinks you may appreciate Button Bar. A cute name for a decidedly cute place serving delicious cocktails with barrels of spiced rum on site. Food to come soon.

+ Okay so maybe “restaurant” is too posh a term for this new Fish Shop by Jeremy Strode. Who knew hatted chefs would be downsizing and working the deep fryer and flippin’ out some potato scallops.
+ Speaking of downsizing, 4 in hand’s owner Colin Fassnidge has opened a mini me called 4 fourteen. It’s all about lower prices, share plates and fresh honeycomb from their own roof top bee hive.

+ The first of these babies are out! Cantina Mobil are tootin’ all over town serving delcious Mexican fare and chilli chocolate ice creams.
+ Eat Art Truck launched last week with artists christening the truck with a new coat of spray paint at Pitt St Mall. I spy some delicious twiced cooked beef, pulled pork buns and hot chocolate cake with dulche de leche
+ Tsuru are having a prelaunch party. It’s $35 for all you can eat too! Loosen those belts fellas.

+ Movida is moving up north and taking up residence on Holt St where Cotton Duck used to be. I’m swooning over the potential grilled veal tongue and smoked lamb already ie Woohoo!!

+ A sad farewell to Montpellier Public House and the passing on of El Capo.

Happy eating folks!


For years Pompei’s was considered the place to grab an authentic gelati in Sydney. Whilst a plethora of new guns have popped up in Bondi: notably an on-rush of speakeasys, beach-side bars and a new Miss Chu canteen, Pompei’s is still as busy as ever.

Spritz: Aperol, prosecco and soda $11

We’ve made a booking and arrived at this North Italian restaurant to be ushered to our table. It’s a cramped spot even for three girls and we awkwardly mid-sit side-step into the cranny (lots of table and chair shuffling were required) and mini-hop our chairs right up to the table edge. Our contortion activity for the day now over, we turn to the menu: a traditional mix of pizzas, pastas and vegetables with a curt page of veal and beef for the hard core carnivores.

Schiacciata Rustica: homade rustic bread with garlic and fresh herbs $7.50 + Flat white $4

We go for the Schiacciata Rustica, a light disc of warm bread studded with herbs and garlic. It’s pleasing but a little under-seasoned. The ravioli is delectable, large crescents of spinach and cheese sliding through a rich butter sauce. We were given a choice of tomato or butter but the waitress tells us the butter is easily her favourite so we go with her recommendation and offset it with an order of steamed organic vegetables which turned out to be rather pedestrian.

Ravioli di Magro alla Tirolese: handmade ravioli filled with baby spinach, parmigiano, ricotta and nutmeg in butter sauce (tomato sauce alternative available) $17.50

Lastly was the smoked proscuitto and mushroom pizza on a airy crisp base: a classic combination has been given an element of uniqueness with the use of smoked proscuitto and earthy sauteed porcini.

Verdure Biologiche: steamed organic vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper $12.90
Speck e funghi trifolati: smoked proscuito scented with juniper berries and herbs, mixed sauteed mushrooms including porcini, fior di latte mozzarella, tomato sauce $24

Although we’ve been looking forward to digging into the gelati, we’re stuffed and already running late for a gig. We promise to return afterwards but as the gelati window closes at 11, we managed to miss this too.

As stalwarts go, Pompei will easily be around for us next year or next decade, so there’s no hurry for when we return for that promised scoop.

The Verdict
I didn’t realise until writing up this post that Pompei’s was meant to be a North Italian restaurant, and in reflection I didn’t spot a heavy featuring of meat, polenta or ravioli in the menu. Perhaps it’s a little at odds to be serving such hearty fare to a tanned beach-going, health conscious clientele. Regardless, at the end of the day Pompei’s serves simple Italian food done well. There’s not much more to enduring success then that.

a. 126-130 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach
t. 9365 1233

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