He stared into my eyes as he spoke, his mouth suddenly started to form those familiar shapes and my heart faltered for a moment, pausing to hear those three magical words out loud.

All. Day. Breakfast.

Seriously though what’s with cafe’s trying to offer you lunch when it’s pretty obvious there are bacon shaped silhouettes in our eyes as we sit down: luckily the folks at Revolver have cottoned on to this or most likely they’re all weekend breakie types too.

A large group of us had gathered outside late one afternoon: we were in town for a wedding at the beautiful Hunter Baille Memorial Church and hoped to snag a table to while away the hours between the ceremony and reception. Since we arrived so late the heritage ex-corner store was a little less frantic and us food tourists were able to squeeze in without much of a wait.

Strawberry frappe $5.50 + Iced Coffee $5.50

The interior is an eclectic mish-mash of graffiti art, bar stools, kitchen tables, a wooden divider and a marble bench top laden with baked goodies piled onto cake stands. The big decorative draw card here though are the tea cups, with everyone I know who’ve visited Revolver gushing over the vintage porcelain beauties.

Mango frappe $5.50

We’re told their frappes aren’t simply a few pieces of fruit thrown in with ice but whole fruits frozen and then blended (take note a certain popular chocolate chain store who happens to make frappes out of ice and Cottee’s cordial), the result is liquid gold and probably takes your daily fruit intake up to 7.

Top: Scrambled eggs, roast tomato, avocado & Danish fetta & toast $14.50
Bottom: Small fresh house squeezed orange juice $3.50

Revolver Vegie Breakie: two baked eggs in house-made beans, buttered mushrooms, roast tomato, avocado, Danish fetta, hummus & toast $16.50 with extra bacon $4.00

Everyone’s here for the big breakie with possibly every hot breakfast item imaginable stirred through together in a delicious tomato covered orgy and topped with a beautiful sneeze of parsley.

Ricotta hotcakes with berry compote & maple ricotta $14.50

Another crowd pleaser were the hotcakes, slightly crispy on the outside smothered in a generous amount of fruit compote on cute-as-pie granny plates.

Revolver big breakie: two eggs baked in our house-made beans, honey cured bacon, roast tomato, mushrooms, pork fennel sausage & toast $16.50

Special: Crushed Kipfler potato with organic Chorizo, scrambled eggs and roast tomato relish $16.50
with extra bacon $4

However the biggest fan favourite of all was the special of the day, a promising concoction of potato, Chorizo and egg: all the foods Fiona’s picky husband adores.

Small house made spiced Chai $4.00

As the hoard dug into our feast we all mumbled affirmations in between busy mouthfuls of soft Chorizo, egg and bacon, sweet berries and toasted sourdough. It’s not always easy to say but Revolver breakfast:

I. Love. You.

Three out of five

The Verdict
It’s no secret this down to earth cafe is a local favourite with a seemingly small crowd of hungry fans permanently stationed outside. The non-descript location evokes an easy going country town vibe with dishes portioned using a generous hand. If you manage to swing by don’t miss out on ordering the house big breakie and a coffee, organic tea or frappe to wash it all down. An unfortunate downside is that service is not always consistent, with a warm manager welcoming you in but lacking follow through. Three of us were overcharged for our meals and it took some sleuthing to realise we were given (and charged) for bacon despite never asking for any extras. However disregarding these niggling aspects, the food is an innocent and has done no wrong. You’d also be hard pressed to find a local who doesn’t love Revolver; after all love is kind, it keeps no record of wrongs so can this be love?

a. 291 Annandale St Annandale
t. 9555 4727

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