Coming Soon

It’s been a frenetic two months, I went on holiday, started a new job, ate a LOT and my post backlog seems to be multiplying faster than a petri-dish of bacteria. So in the name of efficiency we’ll review this list style.

+ After the year long buzz, the guys from LL Wine & Line have finally opened their new Bondi venture: PaperPlanes. It’s an upbeat modern Japanese bar/restaurant with a lot of buzz.
+ A bunch of big names decided to open a small Local Bar
+ If small is just too big, how about downright tiny? The Midnight Special in Newtown only fits 50 people but once you’re in it’s a vinyl spinning hot dog chomping jamboree
+ The glamorous albeit slightly lonesome scene at Walsh Bay has perked up with the opening of The Bar at the End of the Wharf. It’s a bit of a mouthful but at least I’ve got somewhere to go before/after a play besides hanging outside Cafe Sopra with nose pressed to the window, hoping for a table. In the kitchen is Sharon Timms (ex. Assiette & Four in Hand) so I’m expecting delicious things.
+ Another week another speakeasy, Palmer and Co fall under the Hemmes umbrella and it’s decked out 1920’s prohibition America style. Rum, gin, tequila is served with your mac’n’cheese or meatballs.
+ If you loved Stitch then methinks you may appreciate Button Bar. A cute name for a decidedly cute place serving delicious cocktails with barrels of spiced rum on site. Food to come soon.

+ Okay so maybe “restaurant” is too posh a term for this new Fish Shop by Jeremy Strode. Who knew hatted chefs would be downsizing and working the deep fryer and flippin’ out some potato scallops.
+ Speaking of downsizing, 4 in hand’s owner Colin Fassnidge has opened a mini me called 4 fourteen. It’s all about lower prices, share plates and fresh honeycomb from their own roof top bee hive.

+ The first of these babies are out! Cantina Mobil are tootin’ all over town serving delcious Mexican fare and chilli chocolate ice creams.
+ Eat Art Truck launched last week with artists christening the truck with a new coat of spray paint at Pitt St Mall. I spy some delicious twiced cooked beef, pulled pork buns and hot chocolate cake with dulche de leche
+ Tsuru are having a prelaunch party. It’s $35 for all you can eat too! Loosen those belts fellas.

+ Movida is moving up north and taking up residence on Holt St where Cotton Duck used to be. I’m swooning over the potential grilled veal tongue and smoked lamb already ie Woohoo!!

+ A sad farewell to Montpellier Public House and the passing on of El Capo.

Happy eating folks!


Forgive me folks, for another Coming Soon post coming rather late.

It was all hot news last month but now the reviews (and delicious) photos have started rushing in over the degustation-only Sixpenny of Stanmore. Opened by Dan Puskas and James Parry the little Percival Street shop exudes faint wafts of Noma charm and offers diners the choice of a 6 ($105) or 8 ($125) course degustations with wine.

Another debut is the almost month old Spencer Guthrie, the little 30 seater restaurant is pushing a  succinct organic menu with Troy Spencer and Oliver Guthrie weaving their sustainable philosophy through the fit-out as well as the food.

Newtown locals wanting a bit of difference can now switch their bacon and eggs for a breakfast burrito or cornbread at Silverbean.

As those poor folks who’ve tried to get a table at Billy Kwong‘s any time later than say…5 minutes past 6 will know, this means finding yourself queuing at the no reservations venue for over an hour. Luckily you’ll be delighted to hear Kylie is hosting an event with bookings (hurrah!) to get back in touch with her roots and the casual Chinese Sunday brunch scene; for $37.50 you’ll get to sit down for a communal three course set lunch.

Berta has been holding sagra dinners for over a year now and Spiedo are joining the celebrations too. Twice a month they’ll be hosting the 5-course seasonal produce themed dinners. While ‘figs’ and ‘rice’ have passed we can still look forward to ‘tomato’ (21, 24th April), polenta (22, 26th May), potato (5, 9th June) and ‘beetroot’ (17, 21st July).

And of course who can escape the news that Matt Moran has expanded his empire once again. This time with Peter Sullivan on board the duo have opened Chiswick a beautiful country styled restaurant amongst the gardens of Woollahra. The kitchen have their own garden and are experimenting with serving food on salt plates – how progressive! Models and ladies of leisure have been scrambling to get a table so maybe wait a while for the hullabaloo to subside before paying a visit.

Happy eating!

Okay so I haven’t really had much time to scratch something together until now and as slightly laughable as it is to have a “coming soon” (more like “already here”) post on the 28th, here it is anyway!

Ever since Sydney Council’s request for food truck submissions last year, I’ve been in a bit of a lather over the impending meals on wheels about to hit Sydney. I’m looking forward to the Sydney version of Adelaide’s Burger Theory serving up some honest Angus beef burgers; Tsuru‘s asian street fare which will feature lots of skewers and most importantly suckling pig served in Chinese steamed buns! There will also be no less than 3 taco trucks as well as a yum cha truck, organic pizza truck and a pastizzi truck too. Vegetarians can also get revved up for Veggie Patch, a truck which will run on vegetable oil with a rooftop garden and serving feel good local sustainable fare including tofu burgers and falafel rolls. The biggest mystery thus far though is ex-Tetsuya sous chef Stuart McGill’s Eat Art Truck which has been tight lipped about what’s on the menu. Watch Sydney Council’s vid for a bit of a food perv.

Anyone who follows some sort of non-1-month-late food blog will have noticed that everyone’s running around in absolute glee over Kitchen By Mike in Rosebery. Who can say no to Michael McEnearney’s (ex head chef of Rockpool) plethora of salads (green figs with blue cheese, cured ham and honey), roasts (saffron & hazelnut roast chicken), sandwiches (pulled pork & mango chutney panini) pizzas and baked treats. Okay I’ll stop.

For fans of the Abercrombie and Carrington please welcome their italian cousin The Forresters which opened last week on the corner of Foveaux and Riley. Alongside the traditional pizza and pasta there is also a daily rotisserie, baked clams and balsamic ribs.

Speaking of Italian, the folks behind table for 20 have opened Buffalo Dining Club; an ode to cheese which gets serious by seriously flying in buffalo mozerella from Italy 3 times a week (eep! A polar bear will probably drown for each cheese flown over but at least it will be heavenly).

If a bunch of islands a little more to the South is your thing then look forward to the comfort of giant veal meatballs, slow cooked lamb rib and grilled octopus. The Apollo has been open for a couple of weeks now and Jonathan Barthelmess’s (ex Manly Pavilion) pigs tail salad is calling my name.

Other honorable mentions include my yet-to-occur visitations to the cute York Lane bar, Assembly bar by the guys from Pocket bar as well as the long awaited for ‘The Roosevelt‘ from the famed Eau di Vie team. Expectations are high but I’ve heard the cocktail showmanship is second to none (beverages served in trophies and hip flasks, flaming concoctions and dry ice will feature – of course).

See you there!

Happy 2012 folks, another year of feasting (and broken resolutions) lie ahead. If you’re looking for a few spots to while away your Summer break maybe check out a few of these shiny new places and I’ll meet your derrier there!

Recently(ish) opened is Baxter Inn a new venture from the boys at Shady Pines. It’s just a cool underground bar dressed up in American boxing memorabilia with a ginormous collection of whiskeys (300+) and free pretzels to boot.

Another themed dark drinking hole from the fine Pines family is Tio’s Cervecera: opened by a couple of their ex bartenders. It’s a Guatemalan beer and tequila joint which serves up free popcorn: please go if you like your drinks salted and limed…so that’s 90% of you I’d say.

Speaking of fantastic pedigree the boys from Bourke Street Bakery have opened a local that’s all about cheap and tasty fare. Nothing at Wilbur’s Place is over $20 and the thought of duck pate, beef ragu, porchetta rolls and home made pie is already making me hungry ok got. To. Stop. Talking. About. This. Place.

Fans of Nadine Ingram (former pastry chef of MG Garage) are going to be happy that Flour and Stone has finally opened! Tarts, sandwiches, cakes and ginger bread shaped unicorns and pirate ships are all going to be meeting my friend Stomach soon.

Other super worthy mentions are: the Roosevelt which will hopefully open soon in Potts Point (pretty sure anything by the guys at Eau de Vie will be an amazing success especially since it’s going to be Mad Men cool); The Little Guy and Mr Falcon Bar are two new watering holes for some lucky Glebe locals; Glebe-ians are also to welcome a whole stash of new cafes including the new Madame Frou Frou who’s special enough to be stocking some uber tasty Black Star Pastry ginger ninjas; the sadly out of a job Beer Baron has now turned to providing alcohol to you at his own premises, the Dock in Redfern and in case Surry Hills was somehow short of their 1 cafe per capita goal I’m sure they’ll reach it soon with the opening of Reuben Hills today, a cafe and bean roaster which serves coffee with a capital C.

See you there.