Coming soon // Feburary ’12

Okay so I haven’t really had much time to scratch something together until now and as slightly laughable as it is to have a “coming soon” (more like “already here”) post on the 28th, here it is anyway!

Ever since Sydney Council’s request for food truck submissions last year, I’ve been in a bit of a lather over the impending meals on wheels about to hit Sydney. I’m looking forward to the Sydney version of Adelaide’s Burger Theory serving up some honest Angus beef burgers; Tsuru‘s asian street fare which will feature lots of skewers and most importantly suckling pig served in Chinese steamed buns! There will also be no less than 3 taco trucks as well as a yum cha truck, organic pizza truck and a pastizzi truck too. Vegetarians can also get revved up for Veggie Patch, a truck which will run on vegetable oil with a rooftop garden and serving feel good local sustainable fare including tofu burgers and falafel rolls. The biggest mystery thus far though is ex-Tetsuya sous chef Stuart McGill’s Eat Art Truck which has been tight lipped about what’s on the menu. Watch Sydney Council’s vid for a bit of a food perv.

Anyone who follows some sort of non-1-month-late food blog will have noticed that everyone’s running around in absolute glee over Kitchen By Mike in Rosebery. Who can say no to Michael McEnearney’s (ex head chef of Rockpool) plethora of salads (green figs with blue cheese, cured ham and honey), roasts (saffron & hazelnut roast chicken), sandwiches (pulled pork & mango chutney panini) pizzas and baked treats. Okay I’ll stop.

For fans of the Abercrombie and Carrington please welcome their italian cousin The Forresters which opened last week on the corner of Foveaux and Riley. Alongside the traditional pizza and pasta there is also a daily rotisserie, baked clams and balsamic ribs.

Speaking of Italian, the folks behind table for 20 have opened Buffalo Dining Club; an ode to cheese which gets serious by seriously flying in buffalo mozerella from Italy 3 times a week (eep! A polar bear will probably drown for each cheese flown over but at least it will be heavenly).

If a bunch of islands a little more to the South is your thing then look forward to the comfort of giant veal meatballs, slow cooked lamb rib and grilled octopus. The Apollo has been open for a couple of weeks now and Jonathan Barthelmess’s (ex Manly Pavilion) pigs tail salad is calling my name.

Other honorable mentions include my yet-to-occur visitations to the cute York Lane bar, Assembly bar by the guys from Pocket bar as well as the long awaited for ‘The Roosevelt‘ from the famed Eau di Vie team. Expectations are high but I’ve heard the cocktail showmanship is second to none (beverages served in trophies and hip flasks, flaming concoctions and dry ice will feature – of course).

See you there!

  1. Lau said:

    Hey – nothing wrong with a retrospective post on the state of all things food in Sydney. In fact, it might even be better, because you’d get a chance to test out these places or hear about whether their hype is warranted.

  2. minibites said:

    Love the wrap up – so happy to see there are so many new (and different) things to eat in Sydney now!

    • Dee said:

      Oooo thanks Jen! I wasn’t sure if anyone read this haha but I always love knowing about all the things opening up. It gets me excited 😀

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