La Marcelleria

I’ve kept this hidden for a few months now, but I think it’s time to air out my secret and come clean. I think I’ve found the best sausage roll in Sydney. Sure, it’s a big claim and I’m being rather brash, swinging it out there and all that but I’m convinced the butchers of La Macelleria have managed to perfect this Aussie icon.

Now I know that fans of Bourke Street Bakery might protest and I do love their beautiful rendition with aromatic fennel and who can turn down a lamb shank pie from Black Star or a vegetable quiche from La Banette? But for me, the Bondi butchers currently hold residence on the first-place dais.

Clockwise: Yellow Berkel slicers, Panini, Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce, Salumin and Cheese menu board

This up market Italian butchery opened late last year under the care of Maurice Terzini and Robert Marchetti: if these two seem familiar it’s because they’re the guys behind the Bondi institution Icebergs, North Bondi Italian Food and the new Nield Avenue. Never ones to fall short of a dazzling fit out, La Marcelleria’s a lovely clash of traditional (black and white tiles and chalkboards) with the urban (neon type), populated by organic, locally sourced meat and home made salumi. Everything is lovingly shown off, dangling in glass cabinets or artfully arranged in bowls and baskets. If you’re interested they have a rotisserie with organic chickens and stuffed spatchcocks, meat drippings and thick gravy as well as a panini bar, or perhaps you can ask one of the staff in spotless white smocks to shave you some salumi or freshly mince a cut of meat for you to take home and prepare yourself.

Footlong Berkshire Pork sausage roll $12.95

We were merely peckish and thought to give the Berkshire foot-long sausage roll a try. Jen and I sat by Bondi beach to halve the gleaming sesame and poppy seed speckled log; the pork was fresh and intensely meaty with little moments of flaky pastry breaking through each mouthful. I have to admit we initially broke the roll into three but seeing as the third person was running late and it was just too good we shared the third person’s portion and hope she’d never find out what she missed out on.

Sauced up: the money shot

Only the promise of immediate dinner stayed our hand from reaching into our wallets to buy another. Yes it was that good!

The Verdict
A thoughtful Italian upmarket butcher situated next to Bondi beach means a perfect place to stock up your wicker basket and stroll down the beach for a picnic. The staff are well informed and can give you detailed information about where your meat was grown or processed as well as the origins and styles of the products in their salumi bar. Whilst the prices may seem a bit steep this is organic, sustainable meat at its best. Get your 12 inches of heaven right here ladies.

Let me know if you have a ‘best of’ recommendation.

La Marcelleria
t. 9300 6388
a. Shop 14, The Beach House, 178 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach
e. info(at)

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  1. chocolatesuze said:

    omg yum! will have to make the trek to bondi to try out that sausage roll!

    • Dee said:

      Such a trek right! But I’ve still got my fingers crossed we’ll get one more nice beach day before Winter really hits.

    • Dee said:

      I’m sure men will enjoy it too 😉

    • Dee said:

      Everything seems better in footlong ay? FOOTLONG sausage roll, FOOTLONG macaron, FOOTLONG sushi roll hahah

      • Please, Sydney, make this a thing!

        Which of Newtown’s ample gelato places will be the first to introduce the footlong (foot-high?) gelato cone?

      • Dee said:

        lol I really miss 30cm Korean soft serve on George st :< please make a come back guys!

  2. foodiepop said:

    A good sausage roll is so hard to find. Thanks for letting in on your secret!

    • Dee said:

      It feels a bit blasphemous, it seems like something as humble as a sausage roll should exist in pure form in the kitchen of an old country lady but this posh version is just too amazeballs!

  3. foodiepop said:

    Thanks for letting us in on your secret! A good sausage roll is so hard to find in Sydney.

  4. minibites said:

    Bondi is getting so many lovely places… it’s a time to pay them a visit 😀

    • Dee said:

      Yeah I know right? We went down because the beach road hotel hosts heaps of really great indie gigs and I’ve realised there are so many cute small bars and tapas joints I’ve never seen before oh lah lah.

  5. hmm best sausage roll eh? bold statement! will need to check this place out, it looks lovely

    • Dee said:

      Yeah it’s pretty risky haha…I feel anxious already!

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