‘Tis the season! The season to eat too much, to clink glasses, to post-lunch doze on the verandah, to get a squeeze of lemon with that, to warm your legs in the hot summer sun; the season for long coastal drives, prawns in wet paper packaging, morning swims, mango juice dribbling down chins, ice cold beers, sweet oysters, getting sand EVERYWHERE and amusing tan lines.

Have a great Summer boys and girls!

Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets
a. Austin Avenue Flemington
t. 1300 361 589

Myalls Lakes National Park
a. Mungo Brush Road, Myalls Lakes
t. 6591 0300


01-01So I’m dancing a happy jig in my chair and being lamely excited about finally getting to share my food porn stash with you all. It’s my hope some of the places I visit will inspire you(r stomachs) to go forth and  order the weird dishes and try the hole in the wall eats, or if nothing else I hope the photos will give you a good 5 minutes worth of drool time during your lunch break.

It’s better with food in hand.